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Interdisciplinary courses on varying topics related to the social sciences; student participation in the form of writing, research, and discussion is stressed.

Honors Program

May I do my research in collaboration with a fellow Honors student. Primary research or creative activity under the guidance of a faculty member. The total time allotted for each presentation is one hour.

This means that the project should be sufficiently broad in scope and in-depth in analysis. The length and style of the writing component varies by the type of Honors thesis.

Students in the College of Engineering should check their schedules of studies to see which course satisfies the Honors College thesis requirement. Admission to Honors program.

What is the significance of your particular topic. The program combines interdisciplinary coursework, an honors capstone project, experiential learning and leadership development.

Your final thesis will be due on the Monday of the week prior to the week of your presentation date. Advanced interdisciplinary courses on varying topics in the sciences.

An appendix is required if you have human or animal studies approval, graphs, figures or charts of preliminary data, or rubrics that you will use for analysis, questionnaires or interview questions you will use. This course is designed to give students a study abroad experience without having to spend an entire semester abroad.

Colloquium in the Sciences. After the first year of study, students may apply for full admission into the program. It is fundamental for my thesis hypothesis. Results and Discussion This is the real heart of your project and contains your original contribution of new knowledge in your field.

Secondary menu Ndsu honors thesis student must carry the project to its final conclusion in order to be awarded credit for the course work. They may also write a theoretical thesis, in which they analyze a new problem or seek a new way to solve an existing problem. The development of the online portfolio is an integrative experience through which students establish meaning for their education.

A completely revised thesis must be submitted electronically to the Honors College. As thesis advisor for your nameI have read this paper and find it satisfactory. Theatre Who is your favorite honors professor and why.

Students can build their Honors capstone project on a project they complete for their major requirements. For example, students in education can conduct action research to reflect on and improve their teaching methods while completing their student teaching.

Senior Honors Thesis The Honors Thesis is a senior year activity that presents students with a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand the creative processes that are fundamental to universities. The honors program also encourages students to develop projects that might not fit neatly within any of the above categories but are rooted in a drive for innovation.

It clearly identifies the question being asked, the hypothesis being tested, or the creative project to be completed. In fact, interdisciplinary teams could be particularly effective on a project such as this.

For proposals in the social sciences and sciences, include primary sources, review articles, and academic book s. Your academic question or hypothesis should reflect your interest or major field of study. The thesis proposal must be submitted no later than the semester before you plan to complete and present your thesis.

The Honors Thesis is a senior year activity that presents students with a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand the creative processes that are fundamental to universities.

HON Senior Honors Thesis. Credits. Supervised independent study culminating in a thesis.

Ndsu honors thesis. Honors Thesis | Lee Honors College | Western Michigan University

Repeatable to 9 credits. Prerequisites: Consent of the Department and approval of the Honors Committee, and ENGL Repeatable to 9 credits. F,S,SS.

Nine senior Honors thesis credits, to be taken over a minimum of two semesters, also count toward the 24 credits. II. Sophomore Honors Portfolio, submitted upon completion of nine Honors credits.

III. Senior Honors Thesis.

Your Honors Thesis

Note: Honors Program requirements may substitute for. Before you can enroll in HONORS thesis credits, you must submit a thesis proposal to honors. The thesis proposal is a 5-page document that shows you are embarking on a solid, academic project that will satisfy the thesis requirement.

Honors Capstone Project Tracks: Research Thesis: The research thesis is an extended analysis based on an original research question. Working with a thesis advisor, students will explore the relevant literature of a subject and develop a research question based on the scholarly conversation.

Thesis Requirements for Graduation with Honors Research Distinction To graduate with honors research distinction, you must satisfy the following requirements: Identify an Ohio State faculty member to serve as your project advisor.

Ndsu honors thesis
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Senior Honors Thesis - University Honors Program