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The summary is the foundation of finding the topic and coordinating between the applicant, the supervisor and, if relevant, the professional partner.

Developed hypotheses should be based on well-established theories and tested empirically. For example, they sell certain products over only the mobile channel. Based on this a numerical investigation of drivers for the length of the transient period, e. A template can be found here.

This question is especially interesting since luxurious products have different meanings as normal hedonic products have. This CD also has to contain a copy of your thesis in Microsoft Word-format and in pdf-format.

Decision models and insights Many business processes are analyzed with queueing models. Against this background, the superordinate goals of this master thesis are 1 to review and systemize relevant academic literature, 2 to identify relevant digital marketing capabilities and 3 to elaborate how these new marketing capabilities relate to the more traditional marketing capabilities.

The student who wish to work on this project should have a good analytical background. In the case of further questions, please have a look here and for remaining questions you may contact thesis. If you are facing technical issues during the online application process, please contact the email address mentioned above during the application period.

Additionally, a comparison to performance measures, e. You will have to participate in the seminar in the same time frame you are writing the thesis. This serves as a basis to implement a well described solution approach from the literature. Moreover, evolutionary theory has uncovered the particular effect of cues of being observed on consumer behaviour.

Are there ways to take advantage from the existing social network structure of a team or how can the structures be adapted to achieve desired management goals.

After your confirmation by the examination office, we will register you for the colloquium for the master thesis. The individual departments can provide additional assistance when it comes to selecting a topic.

Procedure Timeline for final theses The applicant receives a message of acceptance or refusal. 2 Composition and content of the thesis Title page The title page of the thesis should be designed according to the example given (see annex).

Structure The structure of the thesis depicts, on the one hand, the overview of contents of the topic in question, on the other hand, it gives reference to the author’s main focus points.

In order to write your master thesis at the Chair of Service Operations Management you must have successfully completed OPM - Current Topics in Service Operations Management. The Area Operations Management recommends that the seminar and the Master s.

Theses Master. If you are interested in writing your Master thesis at the Chair of Marketing please note the registration formalities. Detailed Information is provided on the Virtual Campus within the course "Masterarbeiten – BWL.

Module: Master Thesis

Master's Theses. Eligibility to apply for writing a master’s thesis at the Chair of Strategic and International Management: Candidates must have successfully completed a lecture as well as a seminar at our chair. Currently the master colloquium takes place at individual dates depending on the progress of your master thesis and in agreement with your mentor.

Statistics Software Depending on the topic of your master thesis, it might be necessary to. Bachelor and Master Theses In the following you can find more information regarding Bachelor and Master theses at the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.

In the case of further questions, please have a look here and for remaining questions you may contact

Master thesis bwl
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Master Thesis: Chair of Service Operations Management